Valet Doorstep

Waste Collection Services that value your property

The premier offering from Lonestar Valet is our doorstep refuse pickup service.  We offer competitive prices and a variety of schedules between five and seven days a week.  The reliability of Valet Doorstep is the primary reason that Lonestar Valet was founded.  The process starts with hiring and retaining quality professionals by providing them with innovative and effective tools and processes.

Your community and residents deserve the dedicated service that we offer.  Please contact us for pricing and scheduling to make sure that your property is making the most of its budget.

Features and Benefits

Valet Trash is quickly becoming a necessary amenity to add to your portfolio.  We are proud to assist property managers and owners with their assets needs.  This is why you need Lone Star Valet.


Your residents and property managers will receive reliable service with little interference to their busy lives.  We are also flexible regarding ramping up billing and contract dates.


We have over a decade of experience working with property and ownership groups in an effort to make their financial goals a reality.


After extensive market surveys, we have tailored our pricing to maximize the revenue of our partners while allowing Lone Star Valet to grow.


We implement innovative bonus structures using resident surveys and approval rates that ensure that we are providing the best possible service.


We are flexible and eager to make sure that our service is mutually beneficial. After working in different roles in the multifamily industry for over a decade, Lone Start Valet has a unique perspective on the service we provide and the ways in which we can achieve our goals. These perspectives allow us to focus on the Texas market and the specific areas in which we can improve your resident and investor satisfaction. Please reach out to our local representative to receive a free estimate and complimentary local market breakdown.